Why would anyone want to start an affiliate marketing business?

Starting an affiliate marketing business can be very rewarding if you are willing to put in the time and effort to get it off the ground.

You’ll need to make sure you have the proper training and understanding of how this business works.

Most importantly you need to treat this like a real business.
There are many benefits to choosing affiliate marketing over other businesses.

Here are just a few:


Assuming that you still want to start an affiliate marketing business. You don’t need to worry as much about the money because it doesn’t require a huge investment.

So now you’re probably asking “How much will it cost?” and “What do I need?”

Let’s break it down:

  • A computer – Probably the most obvious, but if you don’t already have one (of your own) this is something you should get ASAP. A basic laptop will cost you at least $250.
  • Internet service – Not just any internet connection you want something fast and reliable. Look to spend around $50-$75/month, depending on where you live.
  • A domain name – This will run about $10/year. (yoursite.com, .net, etc.)
  • Hosting – This is where your website files are stored. It’s under $15/month
  • An autoresponder – This is how you send out emails with content and promotions. You load all your emails and when someone signs up for your list they receive the emails at your preset intervals. $15-$20/month
  • Tracking software – You can go with Google Analytics for free.
  • Advertising -You may want to have a small advertising budget set aside in the beginning, if possible. $50-$100/month (Not necessary but it will get you results faster.)

If you already own a computer (or have access to one) In the beginning be prepared to spend at least $80-$135 per month not including internet. It truly is a low cost business.


In other businesses product management is the most stressful aspect of running your business.

It’s often necessary to hire additional people to handle your inventory in many cases.

When you start an affiliate marketing business you’re not required to maintain an inventory.

You won’t need to worry about customer service, returns/refunds, shipping, etc. All of this is handled by the merchants.


If you are a successful affiliate marketer then you can earn unlimited income. If your website has a high page ranking then you should get more and more sales over time.

Once your business is set up and everything is running properly you usually don’t need to invest any more of your own money.

The money you earn can be reinvested back into your business so that it can grow and sustain itself.

When you reach that level the rest is all profit.


With affiliate marketing you’re not restricted to your city, state or even your country.

In this field you have a global market.

You just need to set up your website, provide valuable content and drive targeted traffic to it from anywhere the world.


In order to start a career in affiliate marketing you are not required to make a big investment. Which means as long as you’re careful it’s a virtually risk free business.

This is why more and more people are entering in this industry daily. The only big risk involved in this business is your time if you don’t have things set up correctly.

If you’re not equipped with proper knowledge to do this business you may end up with nothing or in debt even after working for months.


Providing you have a reliable web host your affiliate marketing business is always open. This gives you the freedom to do more of the things you want to do.

There’s no need to worry about closing on holidays/weekends, someone calling in sick or just wanting the day off, etc.

Once you have everything up and running you can actually be earning money even while you are sleeping!


You’ll only enjoy all of the above benefits of a career in affiliate marketing if you have selected the right products, the right merchants and the right market.

Affiliate marketing has many benefits over other businesses. The main benefits are:

  • Less investment required
  • No inventory necessary
  • Unlimited sales/income potential
  • Available anywhere
  • Low risk
  • 24 hour access

This business requires a lot of patience and not everyone who wants to start an affiliate marketing business will be successful.

You also need to focus on gaining proper knowledge of market trends.

If you want to be successful in this business you need to have the proper knowledge and training, if not (and I wouldn’t advise it) affiliate marketing can be a very risky.

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