How You Can Make the Most of Your Article Writing Efforts

How many blog posts or articles do you write each month?

If you’re like many internet marketers the answer may be “dozens.” Of course you might write more than that too. It can be a lot of work, energy and time to write all of that content. Are you making every article count?

1. Social Networking.

Make sure to link to each new article or blog post regardless of where you publish it from your chosen social networking sites. Link to it from Facebook, Twitter, and consider adding it to social bookmarking sites like Digg too.

2. Email marketing.

Create teasers for the content you’ve published online and send email messages with those teasers to your opt-in list. It’ll send traffic to your website and help keep you in front of your prospects.

A weekly wrap up is a great way to highlight your new content, connect with your prospects and motivate sales.

3. Rewrite.

Rewrite your articles and blog posts. You can use them for article marketing purposes. You can also send them to your email list.

This is particularly effective if you rewrite articles for article marketing purposes and send them to your email list. You’re not at risk for duplicate content and you’re providing information to your prospects.

4. Repurpose.

Use your articles and blog posts to create reports, ebooks and information products. There’s a small caveat here.

You probably don’t want to charge for this content unless it provides significantly more value to readers than the free content you’ve already published.

For example, you can collect ten to twenty articles on a common topic and create a free report from them.

You’ll need to add transitions, an introduction and enough new unique content to make it valuable. It’s a great way to provide information to your prospects. You can also monetize the report with affiliate links.

5. Snippets.

Pull snippets from your existing articles and blog posts and share them online. Post helpful tips on Twitter and/or Facebook. You can hire a Virtual Assistant to publish five to ten snippets a day. Provide value without creating new content.

It’s important to know that you can also use existing reports and ebooks you’ve written to create articles and blog posts.

Simply reverse the process and extract content from the report to create a blog post. Personalize it and you’ve provided value, new content and search engine fuel.

With each piece of content you write, create a plan to also maximize it.

Rewrite it. Repurpose it. Reuse it in a different format.

Create a plan to make every article count and you’ll build a comprehensive and extremely effective content marketing strategy.

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